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My first trip as an Odyssey guide came in the summer before Junior year, a few months after completing my term as coordinator. I was shocked after this trip with how much I did not know about WR/Outdoor Odyssey until I had guided my first trip. For those of you who aren't in the loop, Outdoor Odyssey is Cornell's outdoor pre-orientation program.

Day 0: I usually cut things close when moving between apartments, coasts, etc. but this is by far as bad as it gets. Essentially, I had to stay in Ithaca for an additional day to take a final for one of my summer courses. So, Chelsea and I covered Day 0 in shifts, with her sleeping at home the night before the trip left at 5am for New Hampshire. I crashed on the arts quad as is tradition, and Diane stopped by to visit for a few hours before heading back to the apartment.

Day 1: I spent pretty much all of this day and the following night studying for my Introduction to Electrodynamics final.

Day 2: I take my final this afternoon, then drive Mary Jane to New Hampshire (about a 9 hour drive) on my second all-nighter. Meanwhile, the remainder of the trip goes swimming and hikes WildCat mountain. Lindsay Watkins, a former Outdoor Odyssey coordinator covers for me as Chelsea's co-guide.

Day3: I arrive at the trailhead at 9am sharp and park about 0.5 miles down highway 16. The trip begins! We hike to Osgood tent site that night after eating lunch at on a little bald hill in the hot sun. That night, Chelsea and I teach tarps, how to poop in the woods, and have a long co-guide chat about the trip. Since there are so many pictures, I'll just summarize the remainder of the trip below:

Day 4: Hike up Madison and camp below the alpine zone.

Day 5: Hike Adams and camp at the Perch.

Day 6: Hike Jefferson and Washington and camp at Hermit Lake Shelters.

Day 7: Hike out and camp at Dolly Copp state campground.

Day 8: Drive back to Cornell and participate in Camp-o-Rama.

Post-trip: I drive to PHL to move to California for the first time ever for my co-op term.