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The first year I lived in the Bay Area I did not buy any skiing season passes, partially due to the cost. In May 2014, Taylor and I choose to buy Squaw/Alpine season passes since we would be living together starting in September. I made four trips to Tahoe over the winter, two with Taylor.

We went for the first big storm in December and stayed in Tahoe city (our initial plan for season-long lodging did not work out). We drove up Friday and grabbed some food and drinks at the Fat Cat. On Saturday, we had 8 fresh inches (on no base) and had a great ski day. Squaw has some trouble with their older lifts which delayed the opening of Siberia, but eventually we made it up there. That night we went out to Rosie's and met some locals. A live band was playing and Taylor and I drank for free thanks to a friendly high school science teacher. Sunday I had to work the early shift, waking up at 6am to hack away. Taylor managed to get himself out of bed around 8 or 9 and we headed to Alpine to drop him off. By 2pm I was finished my shift and returned to Alpine to get in 4 solid runs. We took Dan's car, so I re-learned stick on that 15min drive. Taylor exhausted by the last run from two full days of pow.

For trip two, Billy, Lyna, Danny, Michelle, Julien, Emily, Nick, Aliki, Eddie, Orgi and I rented a cabin in Carnelian Bay. Michelle, Billy, Lyna, Orgi, and I drove down Friday, stayed in a motel, and skied Squaw together on Saturday. Michelle and I split off to ski the Slot and Headwall in the afternoon. Saturday night we retired to the Cabin and made lots of food. We collectively failed to realize the hot tub was on eco mode and unsuccessfully tried to heat it up ourselves with boiling water from the stove. Also, Emily smashed a glass playing pit. Alex and Katie, two friends of mine from school came to stay over Saturday night and met me at Alpine Meadows to ski on Sunday after an abbreviated morning shift. Everyone else stayed in the Cabin and enjoyed the now hot, hot tub. Sunday evening Nick, Alex, and I jumped in Lake Tahoe, which was cool, but not shockingly cold, especially given air temperature in the 60s. Monday Michelle drove Maurice back as I worked in the car. We have very different music tastes. The group also stopped in Davis for food and a bead store.

On trip three, Taylor, Jay, and I drove to Squaw early in the morning on a Saturday after a Friday night 12-inch dump and returned that night. This was the best ski day of the season (there were very, very few). Jay was a good sport when we made him hike for fresh tracks in snowboard bindings. I scratched-up my skis pretty bad on some unexposed rocks on a trackless slope.

The fourth and final trip of the season was a work retreat to Heavenly in the South Lake area. The views were great but the snow was very wet and patchy. There were entire lower runs with no snow on them. The ops team stuck together and got some go pro footage of people falling all over the mountain. I aslo skiied some Eastern runs with Alex. Jesse, our spirited bus driver was not happy when we returned 30min late and wanted to stop for fast food on the way home.