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On a sleepy Friday in late June I received a call from DKatz who was coming into town from an Outward Bound marketing job in San Francisco. DKatz and I had adventured the past weekend and he sounded more than prepared to get at it again. We arranged to meet-up Friday and tour Silicon Valley a little, swinging by the Googleplex and Stanford's Dish. Meanwhile, we coordinated with Nena and Bridget who were also already on their way south from the Berkeley hills. The boys spent the evening setting-up my Raspberry Pi while the girls played bridge with some senior citizens in "Atherton." The later two had planned a rather ambitious 15 mile hike but were easily swayed to join us on a windows-down, feet-out-the-window road trip down Route 1 to San Luis Obispo where John, a mutual friend and Cal Poly Professor lives. John and I had shared what was supposed to be a portaledge on the last Redwoods expedition.

After a breakfast of cereal in my apartment, we secured DKatz's extra film and editing equipment in my apartment and loaded the Durangatang with the better part of Bridget's grandparents linen closet and some silly hats. Then, we set-off down the "Central Coast," and through Big Sur. We stopped at pull-outs every couple of miles to take photographs and film the coast for DKatz's OB project. Bixbie bridge, Parington Cove, the waterfall into the ocean at Julia Pfieffer State Park, Salmon Falls, and elephant seals sunning themselves were all enjoyed at our leasier. The elephant seals and chatting with the top of Nena's hat at the Julia Pfieffer waterfall were my favorite parts of the day. After arriving in SLO we grabbed dinner in downtown where I struggled to finish two slices of pizza. Then we hung out with John and Diana and Nena, Bridget, and DKatz slowly melted into the beige shag carpet as the night wore on.

The next day, we woke up relatively early and enjoyed a complete breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach in tortillas with apple juice. John agreed to be our tour guide and gave us a quick driving tour of campus and then a hiking tour of Bishop's peak in the full-sun that southern California has to offer. Unfortunately, my knee injury became rather loud and forced me to stop in a shady spot short of the summit. On the descent, DKatz cleaned the trail a bit and we rehydrated. The drive back to the bay was less scenic on the 101, but Dkatz ketpt it stimulating by asking plenty of hard questions to the passenger in the hot seat.