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I safely arrived in Salt Lake City from Vancouver in is what is shaping up to be a winter break filled to the brim with skiing. After a semester in CA, this break is my last hurrah before returning to reality and the schedule of a Cornell Engineer. Blackwell, my high school twin, joined my family in a rented house just outside Little Cotton Wood Canyon. Blackwell and I set up camp in the basement, which is oak paneled and filled with old brown leather furniture, a dry bar, and motorcycle merchandise. It was so nice to just hang out again. Before dinner we hop in the outdoor hot tub for a soak. Unfortunately, Taylor G was still on his mission and thus couldn’t join us.

Mike, Blackwell, and I spend the next four days skiing Alta and Snowbird with only one trip into the other canyon to the local mountains. We had some trouble staying together, but luckily Alta has very open terrain, and it’s easier to find others. Mineral Basin and the Alta Supreme lift were our favorites. To be honest, Alta was a little skied off and the Snowbird winds were very high, but overall the skiing was decent. At night, I read The Big Bang by Simon Singh, and excellent account for laymen about the progression of cosmology since ancient times.