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I think this was our family's fourth ski trip to the Salt Lake City area, but our first Skiing Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon. My friend Taylor from Cornell lives in the area, and he showed Mike and I around his stomping ground of Alta. Taylor and the majority of his friends are very good skiers and benefit significantly from the world-class terrain and powder available at Alta. By his senior year in high school, Taylor was averaging about 60 ski days a year. The kid throws backflips off mid-trail jumps and knows exactly where you can go fast and where you can't on the Wildcat side of the mountain -his favorite part.

We also skied Solitude and Snowbird on this trip. At Snowbird, I had the hardest fall on skis I have ever taken. The eighth photo shows where my skis left the ground and the crater my face made in Mineral Basin. The night before our side trip to Solitude, nine fresh inches of snow fell. Taylor wanted to hike up and ski fresh lines all day, but Mike and I Tired quickly without powder skis. Still, the snow was amazing. We spent some time in SLC, as opposed to previous trips, where our family focused our time on Park City, SLC's little sister.