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This trip was truly spontaneous. Around 2pm Harrison asked several people in the office if they were interested in leaving work at 4pm to go sailing. Harrison lives on a sailboat in the Marina, and by all appearances is a reasonably experienced sailor. This day was different because the winds were high and the surf was around 3-5 feet which actually makes sailing interesting.

He and I biked through the city to Embarcadero after work and met Marina, Angela, and Shraken at the Marina. After 20min of dish washing, dawning jackets, and learning to use the Diesel engine, we pulled in the anchor lines and set off. I was at the helm for a good portion of the one hour voyage and tried my best to keep hitting the waves at forty-five degree angles. Poor Shraken became very sea sick, so we headed in before rounding Alcatraz or anything like that. While Marina, Harrison, and Sharken showered and dried off, Harrison and I began watching an episode of House of Cards. Then, I started the long bike ride home. My jeans had dried just enough so that they were not too cold or discomforting to wear.