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Having no bed, having unpacked nothing, having to start work in two days, I decided it was a great time for a weeked trip. I headed up to Oakland in Maurice where I met up with Nena and Sara. I bought some firewood at an Ace Hardware and we sat in Berkeley traffic for a while before making our way to Point Reyes National Seashore. After stopping at the visitor center and learning about "Baleen Whales," we drove down to the trailhead and out of cell service. I resembed a pack mule with two bundles of firewood to my backpack for the 2 mile hike in to the Coast Camp. Nena brough the veggies and John, who arrived with the second crew, brought two tri-tip steaks and sausages (John always has the meat situation covered).

After dumping our stuff, Nena, Sara, and I take a hike toward Cathedral Bluffs. And we finally have a chance to climb the beautiful Eucalyptus tree that guards the beach. Shortly after we return, Fran, Beth, Trevor, John, and John's german lab partner arrive. We cook dinner over the charcoal grill and head down to the beach. There, we build a campfire and make s'mores per tradition. As the fire died down, we realise that the waves are glowing blue/green due to bioluminescent plankton! As we walk along the beach, the plankton form little stars in the water at our feet (it is activated by water turbulence). It was one of the most beautiful water-scapes I have ever seen.


I was the first person awake on Sunday. After a breakfast of granola, we packed up everything, played three minutes of Frisbee and headed out. After saying goodbye to the rest of our party at the trailhead (Beth and Trevor had to prepare for a two-week rafting trip through the Grand Canyon), Nena, Sara, and I drove to the light house and later got lunch (and root beer!) at our favorite deli on the way. Nena and I debated the engineering of the lighthouse staircase and marveled at the largest intact Fresnel lens ever produced (with clockwork!)... we've seen smaller ones elsewhere. On the way home we read 12 happy facts from "postive news," which is only distributed in Ithaca and northern California. Tomorrow, I start work!