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For the fourth time in two years I found myself in a car bound for Littleton, NH. This time, New Years celebrations were in order for 2012. I arrived on the 30th and stayed until the 2nd. Will, John, Yon, Bri, Ryan and I converged on Kyllan's log-cabin house nestled in the shadow of Mt. Washington. Much of the trip is not suitable for the internet, but here is what is.

Over the course of three days we had a chess tournament, played quite a bit of Splinter Cell, celebrated the new year, and took a polar plunge in the frozen river. Ryan did his in Echo Lake. To prepare ourselves for the cold water we played Arctic Explorers on the way to the river and we hopped in Kyllan's hot tub when we returned to warm up. The water was cold, but the evaporation of the water in the frigid air and the snow under our feet on the walk back to the car made all our nerve endings burn.

We also went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and hunted for Chaga in the forest to make tea and hot coco with. Chaga is an orange fungus that grows in the wounds of birch trees that has many medicinal properties. The most fun of the long weekend came from playing the game of games Chardee McDennis, which resulted in an epic rap battle between Kyllan and I, a sledding competition, and more.