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New Hampshire or Bust  III began with Allison and my desire to get out of Ithaca and get on some rock.  Nine hours later, we were well within the company of Kyllan, Rachael, and Yon.  Saturday called for thunderstorms, so we decided on a canoe trip instead and Yon went off to hit some white water with his kayak.  For the record, placing ourselves on a floating piece of metal was Kyllan's idea. We paddled about 8.5 miles, 1.25 of which we swam. The water was warm but our estimate of 0.25 miles for the swim was way off; it is in this way I completed my first mile swim. Kyllan insisted on pulling the canoe as he swam so we didn't "get strong while he got weak," and he did a fine job of tug-boating.

Some of the wildlife we spotted included two Bald Eagles and a Moose. We had one casualty that day: Kyllan's dry suit. About 50 yards into the paddle, a dive of mine off the nose of the canoe ruptured the booty in Kyllan's no-longer-dry suit, which actually felt really weird to wear when functional. Kyllan eventually received a free replacement.

That night, we had a costume party, and our campfire turned into an experiment with gasoline and Kyllan's grill lighter. The experiment concluded in second degree burns to Kyllan's face and a visit to the ER.  Thank God we didn't let Rachel do the dirty deed because, well, she would have died. Linda was understandably pretty upset about her son's wounds.

And yet our closest encounter to death of the trip had yet to occur.  We departed for the Cathedral with two racks, three ropes, and plenty of sandwiches.  Cathedral rock is famous for the Barber Wall's finger cracks, but that's not what we had in mind. With the help of some locals we finally found Into Thin Air, which Kyllan and I decided was classic enough to climb with Fedoras.

Allison lead the first and fourth pitch, and Kyllan lead the second and third with his beautifully burned face.  Before the climb, Kyllan received a call from a girl who asserted, "I bet you're still good looking," to which I chided him with "a face for radio."  After Kyllan made it up the second pitch, a giant thunderstorm rolled over the other side of the cliff.  A few nearby climbers asked us if we were "in an emergency yet," and drove to the top to drop ropes, since we couldn't rap without leaving gear.  We ended up climbing the next two pitches in the cold rain since, "the best type of rescue is self-rescue."  Kyllan ended up placing cams in cracks seeping with water, but they held, and we eventually walked off and hitch-hiked down the bluff. The worst part was an unavoidable hornets nest in the middle of pitch three. We did get a double rainbow after the storm. I found out Allison likes to sing when she gets nervous.

After two hours of sleep, Allison and I piled into the Mary Jane and headed to Ithaca so that I could make my morning class. I nodded in and out of sleep as Allison put a beating on the accelerator.