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After spending the majority of the summer in Ithaca, and with Odyssey week fast approaching, I just had to get away.  It was also great to meet Kylan and see Kester before his year off in a proper manner.  I see the three of us doing more wild and crazy things together around Cornell in the future.  This trip definitely pushed my comfort zone with Indian Leap, challenging climbing, Kylan's driving, my driving, running/falling down Lafeyette, and Splinter Cell. Indian Leap is a large rock formation you can jump off into water, and Splinter Cell is a game of stealth we play around Kyllan's house at night on dark nights. After a long second day of adventuring, Kester and I woke up a 2am to drive down back to Ithaca. I actually woke up at 1:30am because Katie called me in the middle of the night, so Kester drove first. We sang to keep eachother awake and after four hours, switched drivers. The catch was that Kester's car was a manual, so I had to drive stick for 10 minutes in a gas station parking lot before we could continue. I only stalled once - at a toll booth. We missed a turn and ended up in Massachusets, but I did make it in time for the second Odyssey brief, which started at 11:30am.