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Photo Credits to Noah Warnke

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Wade, Ksenia, Diane, Lori, Noah, Trey, Joel, and I were led by Guy and Emily on this May Training trip right after my freshman year of college ended. It was interesting for me since I was about to coordinator to be trained with many of the people I would train in the future, but this didn’t turn out to be that big of a deal. We hike on a portion of the Finger Lakes Trail pas Watkins glen, which includes the Sugar Hill Fire Tower and several very old cemeteries, as shown in the pictures. Guy and Emily did a great job with the food by including candy in the trail mix options and planning for pancakes for one breakfast. After rain on the first night, it stayed clear for the rest of the long weekend. I learned a lot about everyone on the trip and decided to use the same route for the May Training trip I lead in 2010. The route ends at a cool little waterfall by the pick-up road. May training is required for all Outdoor Odyssey guides, both returning and new.