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Photo Credits to Zac Peterson

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Tree climbing this fall was a little bittersweet. On the one hand, we built two new tree platforms. This effort took about five workdays, two days with about 15 people and three days with about 2-3 people to finish the job. Mark designed the platforms and cut the wood to length, and he, DKatz, Colin, and I did the major bolting and beaming to the tree after the small army of instructors assembled them. This project was a cool break from the typical instructor training and now I really understand a lot of the basics of how to build a tree house. On the other hand, Lillian and I both taught our last tree course, though I would go onto teach tree training in the spring after she graduated. Our fall 2012 class was the first to use the new platforms. Many students were super excited and adventurous. Several girls elected to pee off the platform in the middle of the night instead of rappelling (the former is much less work for the instructors). Michelle was also an amazing co-instructor.