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To satisfy my first PE graduation requirement, I took Tree Climbing Friday afternoons with Cornell Outdoor Education, right after Chemistry lecture with Prof. Zacs. The class met four times plus an overnight we spent on in a tree on Mt. Pleasant. The tree had a platform built in it, but we also strung hammocks above it to fit the entire class in. Guy and Jess took hammocks and one student who was correctly answered a trivia question got the final hammock.

The class definitely expanded my interest in tree climbing. We learned ascending with prussic and ascenders, switching to rappel, how to rig our own tree, a little bit of DRT (double-rope technique). More importantly, I met a bunch of cool people in it. Larry went on the found the Cornell Name Tag Society, Matt ended up in the same major as I did, Ali also applied to be a tree instructor, I hired Alex to replace me as Outdoor Odyssey coordinator, and I ended up living with Guy and Jess for three weeks between apartments.

At the end of the album are some pictures of Alex and I grabbing some gear and tree climbing after class in the woods behind B lot in November.