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I packed quickly Saturday morning, stopped to get firewood and peanut butter at the Gross Out, and drove to Berkeley by noon. Nena and I (over) packed her car and started the 1.5 hour drive North to lake Sonoma. After missing the turn-off to the recreational boat launch, we took a 20 minute detour on some windy mountain roads. This was probably a good thing in the long run because it convinced Nena to get her car fixed! After some snacking, we rented a canoe from a very relaxed boat clerk. Lake Sonoma, which is a dammed drinking water resevoir still has trees emerging from its forest-turned-lakebed bottom. Since California is so desperate for rain this year, the tops of the remaining trees could be seen scraping the surface of the lake like submerged skeletons. We paddled West and eventually found an island in a muddy cove with a rounded top populated by trees and rocks covered in wispy green Moss. I dubbed it "Green Tupe Island," because of its appearence. I used my paddle as a stepping stone in order to not get stuck in the knee deep mud usually covered by water. Nena needed more convincing and took some time to find a drier spot to disembark.

After the island, we ran into some Eastern Europeans who were hunting wild pigs. This seemed ridiculous to me since the lake area was somewhat populated, but what do I know about these things? We returned the boat and heading to a local state park to camp and make a fire. We started reading "What to Pack for Mars," which I really enjoy. We agreed to continue to read it on future adventures.


On Sunday we stopped in Callistoga to caffinate Nena and then hiked Mt. St. Helena. The 10 mile hike turned out to only have 2 miles of shaded trail. The remainder was a graded unimproved road for bringing RF equipment to the radio stations at the summit and false summits. The hike turned out to be less challenging than expeced. We drove through Napa wine country on the way back and looked at all the ornate vinyard architecture.