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This trip was organized through the Cornell Ski and Snowboard Club. Cal, Tom, Taylor R, Reed, JMo, Kate, several others, and I spent five nights at the Delta Inn in the Whistler Village. Late nights led to morning starts closer to 9am than 8am when the first chair left, plus a 20min ride up the mountain. Every night we stayed it dumped powder at a rate of 12-24inches a day, making for the best skiing I have ever had in my life. No terrain was off limits, and the snow made near impossible lines quite doable. Moguls on the steeping parts of Blackcomb turned into snow pillow tops. Waiting in line for the summit lift, expert skiers could be seen dropping 40-80 foot cliffs above the lift line.

A ton of talented Cornell skiiers and boarders came on this journey to the Great White North. Jason, who I used to live and work with, came; this was our first ski trip together. Tom, Reed, Cal, and Taylor, who had come to Austria also showed up to shred. Finally, a ton of new and friendly faces (including Joe!) meant there was no shortage of people to ski with. Since we skiied on weekdays, it was easy to find other Cornellians on the mountain.

My timing is not always perfect, but right before this trip, I bought a pair of fat powder skis. This allowed me to float over much of the granulated snow other skiers were getting tired turning in. Cal was fine of course with his snowboard. The highlight of the week was iterative runs in Seventh Heaven, and doing Spanky’s Ladder for the first time, one of the most difficult trails in the North America, which requires hiking above the lift for access. Pretty much every night was devoted to recovery. I went on to ski a fifth day by myself before a travel day to Utah and five more days of skiing.