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This trip was actually my very first April Training trip with Outdoor Odyssey. I always seemed to have conflicts with teaching other COE classes. AJ was my co-guide, and the trip was just one night on the Finger Lakes trail out by Greek Peak ski area/Virgil Mountain. We deviated a little from the trail accidentally, and decided to make a smaller loop, then drive the van the campsite in order to conserve time. That Saturday night, we made a delicious dinner and covered all the basic odyssey lessons. We were lucky enough to have a campfire, a rarity when backpacking. Sunday morning we played Frisbee for an hour and headed back to campus.

Lesson Plans:
Aubree: Stoves/ Kitchen Safety
Ben: Map and Compass
Brendan: Tarps & Knots
Kristina: Bear Bagging
Liz: Leave No Trace, Campsite Selection, and Campsite
Madeline: Lightning Drill and Staying Found
Sarah: Water Purification and Poop!
AJ and Rob: Blister Care and Pace Setting