About the site:
Robert Moore's Elephant gets its name from the notable memory of elephants . The site is intended to serve as an extension of my own memory , so that I may remember all the fun I have had once I get old and wrinkly (like an elephant!). Obviously it is free to be enjoyed by friends, family, and the public.

This site is best viewed in Google Chrome on a computer (not a mobile device). Please be patient with the page loads as some background images are very large. I coded everything you see on this site by hand with the exception of the java scripts, and a few snippets of code stolen from web development forums. Robert Moore's Elephant is the result of hundreds of hours of trial and error - mostly error to be honest. I am always looking for ways the improve the site, so please send in your suggestions! Content management, maps corresponding to adventures, spelling words correctly, and more up to date posts have been suggested.

About the Author:
Robert Moore was born in Boston, MA and has since held residency in four other states on both coasts. He is a recent college graduate from Cornell University's College of Engineering. That's all you get here.

Site Guidelines:
1. The elephant will be awesome
2. No full names will be used unless permissioin is granted
3. Credit where credit is due - all photos not taken by me will be credited to the photographer
4. Journal entries viewable to the public will be honest accounts of events free of exaggeration and will not affect the reputation of others
5. Adventures span at least one full day
6. The elephant will not contain any commercial advertising

Tools used to build the Elephant:
Microsoft ICE - an excellent free image stitching tool
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - very helpful features that make coding enjoyable
iPage.com hosting - their customer service is some of the best ever
Adobe Photoshop CS4 - used to batch resize and batch rename images files
Dafont.com - used to create page title images
jAlbum - image resizing feature used
lightbox2 from lokeshdhakar.com

Site History:
July 2011 : RMElephant.com domain registered
Summer 2011 - May 2012 : Content Generated
June 2012: Site Layout finalized, Google Analytics implemented
July 2012: Site goes live on server
December 2012: Launch Date: Site becomes public, rmelephant.com address is circulated
July 2013: The Elephant celebrates its one year aniversary with the publishing of my 39th adventure (Redwoods3).
August 2013: The site is re-written in php as a proof of concept. PHP is only implemented on new adventures. January 2014: The plan is to be running javascript by then.
Robert Moore